More TwEECer Information


Why the name TwEECer?

Those who work with the Ford EFI system refer to the PCM as the E-E-C (each letter sounded out) or as the EEC (as in EEK).  Just like tweaking your tune, we played on the word "Tweak" and came up with TwEECer.

How does the TwEECer Work?

The Ford EEC contains a PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) to permanently store the OEM calibration (the stock tune).  The EEC-IV EPROM is difficult to re-write, though it is possible, it is not something that would be useful as a commercial product for our target market.  The EEC-V (1996 to 2004) uses an EEPROM, which can be reasonably erased and re-written using the  OBD-II standards. 

The EEC has a card-edge interface connection at the rear of the unit called the Service (J3) port, where an external EEPROM can be connected.  When connected to this port, the contents of the external EEPROM can be substituted for the internal (E)EPROM.   This this is how the TwEECer and all other Chip Module makers, can make changes to the OEM calibration.  The 1996 and newer vehicles can be re-flashed using a hand held programmer connected to the OBD-II interface.  The TwEECer does not make use of the OBD-II port, we ONLY interface through the Service port.  There is no Service port on Ford PCM's beginning in 2005, that is why TwEECer vehicle support ends with the 2004 year models.


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