What kind of results?

Mike Glover
1993 5.0L LX Coupe

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My own 1993 Notch has seen several combinations since purchased in 1994, 1st combo used ported stock parts (Pre-TwEECer existence)

Now with a DSS 331ci with TW Low compression pistons. PTK 67mm turbo kit. TFS TW heads giving a final compression of 8.25:1, GT40 Lower & Bennett box upper, F303, ProM 80mm for 42lb injectors, 83lb Injectors (Low Impeadence), Tremec TKO.

We took the Notch to the dyno to check the NA power of the DSS 331. Running on the stock A9L calibration, we got 250/298 at the wheels. Some TwEECing got us up to 304/330 to the ground! (see graph)

These were 3 consecutive pulls and the ONLY adjustment I made was to the "WOT fuel multiplier vs RPM" function. Since SpeedWorks had a wideband, it was quite easy to target my 13:1 A/F ratio and what a difference!!! Now obviously I did not have much tuning to do as I have tweaked on my tune for a while, but the results speak volumes. 

Once the ProTurbo Kit was installed we managed 523/563 HP/TQ at the wheels, seeing about 11lbs of boost.. This was with 42lb injectors and the stock fuel system, save for a 255lph pump. We were running out of injector and fuel volume, so in went the 83lb injectors, -10 feed, -8 return, Aeromotive A1000 pump, filter, regulator and rails.

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Final dyno on that combo made over 600 HP/TQ at the wheels and ran as quick as 10.5 @129mph. The Notch started and idled smooth and could drive through a parking lot at 1000 rpm with no bucking or surging.





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Troy Eiland
1986 5.0L GT
Vortech S-Trim pushing 11-12psi through GT-40, TFS-TW, ProM,
42lb inj

Troy has been "TwEECing" his tune for a while, so we were quite surprised how much we were getting out of his car. Again, we were just fine tuning the A/F ratios on our setups and you can see how Troy was getting more power/torque each time. He would have hit near 520rwhp on the last pull, but the nipple covering the connection for the removed FMU, blew off and boost fell off!!!

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Andrew Weil
1992 GT Maroon/Titanium
Vortech T-trim

I went to dyno my car again after installing the 83# injectors. I knew beforehand that the car was running pretty crappy, and took that into account when tuning. The first pass was an anemic 499/492 with the A/F ratio going less than 10:1 at 4600. A few pulls later with help from my trusty TwEECer yielded 612 rwhp @ 6150 and 526.9 rwtq @ 6100 rpm.

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