The TwEECer

We offer two models of our product, the TwEECer Base and TwEECer RT, either of which can be used with any EEC we support.  There is no vehicle year or model specific variations to our TwEECer products.  Everything you need to tune your setup is included in the purchase price, TwEECer, Switch, Cables, Software (download from our website).  Simple!

TwEECer Base $300 *

TwEECer RT $450 *

* Does not include applicable shipping fees or sales tax

TwEECer Features:

  • Unlimited tuning capability

  • Up to Four custom tune positions for the RT and Two tune positions for the Base

  • Update and switch between calibrations while the motor is running **

  • Fifth position disables TwEECer and reverts to stock calibration

  • Position one can easily be set as a Kill or Valet switch

  • Easy to use software for tuning and logging

** Only for TwEECer RT during partial updates, full writes take up to 10 seconds


Click here to see if your EEC is supported


What is the difference between the TwEECer and TwEECer RT?

Both the TwEECer and TwEECer RT provide the same tuning capabilities, allowing you to adjust the calibration for changes in Engine Displacement, Injector Size, MAF "Calibration", Spark Advance, Electronic Transmission adjustments and much more.

The TwEECer RT adds the ability to see a Real Time (RT) data stream of important sensor data and how your changes are affecting the engines operation.  The TwEECer RT was the first product to provide this data stream for EEC-IV based vehicles.

Unlike most other "chip" makers, you do not have to shut off the vehicle and remove the TwEECer to update tuning parameters.  The USB connection allows for changes to be done on the fly, even while the engine is running.

While the TwEECer can be transferred between vehicles, once removed, all tuning changes move with the TwEECer and the vehicle TwEECer was removed from, returns to the stock calibration.


How do I make my tuning changes?

Click on the image below for a look at the software that gives you the tuning and data logging power needed to tame your beast.


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