How Does The TwEECer Compare?

Mail Order Chips

Do you really want to wait and have to mail EPROM's back & forth? Plus, if you add more performance, your old chip tune is history- time for a re-burn. Add more performance, another re-burn. Perhaps this is not the best approach...

Custom Chip

Hey this is better!  A little expensive, but you get some personal attention for your particular combo. Performance is optimized on the Dyno and a chip is burned just for you.  But now you’re married to your chip tuner. Adding more power?  Moving out of town?  Car not exactly running right?  Guess who’s got the chip burning equipment?  Guess who you have to go see?  Hope you don’t have to wait four weeks just to see him!  Hmm, maybe this isn’t it either……

Stand Alone EFI System

So you spend 2 to 5 times more than the cost of a TwEECer and have TOTAL tuning control. Sounds AWESOME!  The drawback, you have to rip out your existing sensors and wiring harness to install the new system.  Whew!  That is a big job.  Once you have that done, you generally have to start from the beginning, creating your own cranking, idle, part throttle and WOT fuel maps.  Then comes the same process for the spark maps, etc...  If you have an all out race vehicle then this may be the way to go.  

The TwEECer

Ok, you purchased the TwEECer!  You need to follow the instructions provided to install our software and get the driver loaded and communicating with the TwEECer.  Read your stock calibration.  Modify the "Fab 5" (The 5 most common tuning adjustments) to create your baseline tune.

  • Engine Displacement 
  • Injector Settings
    • Injector Slope High (Injector Size)
    • Injector Slope Low (Injector Size + ~ 15%)
    • Injector Minimum Pulse Width
    • Injector Breakpoint
    • Injector Offset vs Battery Voltage
  • MAF Transfer
  • Stabilized Open Loop Fuel Table
  • Global Spark Adder +/-

Make sure that your fuel pressure and timing are set to the stock values, along with the afore mentioned tuning changes, should make your combo PLAY NICE!  At this point you can begin fine tuning to get the performance, fuel economy and driving manners that you want from your combo.

If you make any changes to your combo, you will have to setup an appointment with your NEW custom tuner...No Problem!


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