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We support more than 5000 processors covering 1984 thru 2004. Please select one or more categories to determine whether support for your specific application exists. If there are no search results found, you can email us at  and we can confirm for you if your application is supported, as there are many EEC-IV calibrations that have yet to be entered into our database.

You can search on the Year AND/OR Model name  OR you can search for your specific calibration code (aka catch code). This is NOT a complete list and may contain models that have the unsupported new processors that Ford switched to in 2005. There were some crossovers earlier than 2005. Many of the supported EEC-IV catch codes have not been entered, but we will add them as time permits.

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See below for information on the location of the EEC/PCM in various vehicle models, the catch code (Yellow Circle) and hardware code (Black Oval) location.

Here is an example of where the code is located on the EEC and what it would look like.


Here is an example of the EEC-V PCM Catch Code (yellow square) and Hardware Code (black square)

Can?t find the EEC in your vehicle? Use the list below for reference when visiting your local junkyard.

Vehicle Year Location
Lightning 1992-1995 drivers side kick panel
F-x50 & Bronco 1987-1996 drivers side kick panel
F-x50 & Bronco 1985-1986 right of steering wheel
F-x50 7.3l Turbo 1994-1997 under hood near firewall
Mustang 1988-1998 passenger side kick panel
Town Car 1989-1998 left of steering wheel
Town Car 4.6L 1994-1997 left of steering wheel
Mark 7 5.0L LSC 1988-1992 passenger side kick panel
Mark 8 4.6L 1993-1998 drivers side near the steering column
T-Bird 1988-1997 passenger side kick panel
Explorer 1997+ under hood near firewall
Explorer 4.0L 1991-1996 passenger side kick panel
Expedition 1997-1999 under hood near firewall
Econoline 1988-1999 drivers side kick panel
Econoline 7.3L Turbo 1995-1998 Under hood near the firewall
Econoline 7.3L Turbo 1999 Drivers side kick panel
F-150 5.4L 1997 Under hood near firewall passenger side
F-150 5.4L 1998 Under hood near firewall drivers side
Ranger 1988-1993 Passenger side kick panel
Ranger 1994-1999 Under hood near firewall
Probe 1989-1997 Center console
Aerostar 1988+ Drivers side under dash near firewall
Contour 1995-1999 Passenger side where floor meets fire wall
Escort 1988-1999 Center console
Scorpio 2.9L 1987-1989 Passenger side kick panel
Taurus 1996-1998 Under hood behind engine
Taurus 1988-1995 Behind the glove box up high
Tempo 1988-1994 Drivers side under the dash
Windstar 1995+ Under hood passenger side
XR4TI 2.3L Turbo 1984-1988 Passenger side kick panel




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