Custom Calibration Options

The Best of Breed in EEC Performance Tuning

For those who want to have a solid starting point for their tuning adventure or even if you want a Full Custom Tuning of your combination.  We have multiple options to fit your needs.

When an order is received that includes one of our custom tuning options, we e-mail you our Tuneform PDF to fill out with the details of the parts that comprise your vehicles combination.

Fill in all of the specific items that we ask for and then at the end of the document, you can include any notes and additional information you feel is important.

Please make sure that you have triple checked that you do not have any vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks or other electrical/mechanical issues that can cause havoc with the tuning process.  We have been doing this a long time and if we have not gotten your combo to a nominal running state with the Base tune or one revision, there is likely something else causing the issue, like one of the items listed above or something in the details of your parts combo is not correct.

All tuning revisions expect that your Timing & Fuel Pressure is set to the factory level.

Base Custom Calibration ($75)

This service is to help new TwEECer owners who want a baseline file to get them started in the right direction.


We provide you with a single custom tune based on the info you provide us, giving us as much detail as possible on the components that make up your combo.  We make no revisions for you after the baseline is provided.  As with all of our base calibrations, this tune will be geared towards a safe level of performance increase and drivability.  It will be the customer who makes the final performance adjustments.

Intermediate Custom Calibration ($150)

This service is to help new TwEECer owners who want a baseline file to get them started in the right direction and get the tune closer to the edge of performance, at which point they take over to do the final adjustments.


We provide you a baseline tune and two (2) revisions based on your feed back and TwEECer RT log files, if you have the TwEECer RT unit.


*TwEECer RT recommended

Advanced Custom Calibration ($300)

This service provides the new TwEECer owner Full Custom Tuning experience.  Using the data stream provided by the TwEECer RT and Wideband AFR data, we can nail down your tune exactly where it needs to be.


As with all of our tuning options we provide you with a baseline tune based on the detailed info provided by the customer.  After a few cold start and short driving sessions which are logged by the customer, we will make revisions to your base calibration and repeat this process for five (5) revisions.


*TwEECer RT & Wideband Required

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