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Supports Ford vehicles 1984 to 2004

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 Pronounced "Tweaker"

The TWEECER provides you the POWER to modify and substitute a copy of the original EEC calibration  to fit your performance modifications, just like the Professional Tuners.

The TWEECER was the first commercial product to provide a Real Time data stream along with tuning capabilities for EEC-IV supported processors, while also supporting EEC-V based vehicles.

The TWEECER will require some study time before diving in too deep. We have a yahoo group that has thousands of registered users, many of whom have been using our product since the beginning.


The TWEECER is an invaluable tool which provides you with near the same capabilities of a stand-alone system costing 2-4 times more, but without the hassle of complete harness removal and new sensors!

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Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 3 runs our mail, Accounting and backup services.  Our Internet based phone is through Google Voice number.

All of our MS Windows development is done using Oracle's VirtualBox software.  Windows XP, Windows 7 and 10 are all run in virtual machines on our Linux Mint workstations.  Remote service is through Zoho, which I have been VERY happy with this last year.

We develop all of our software using Borland's C++ Builder. 6 and Delphi 5

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